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Prayer Page

Do you have a Prayer Request you’d like to share with us?

We have implemented a novel idea to let folks know they are being prayed for.  Each week during our Wednesday evening services we select a person or family with a prayer need. They are then given a telephone pager for the next week.

As God leads others to pray for that person throughout the week – a really neat thing happens.  After they pray, they call the pager number and instead of inserting a telephone number, they punch in #*#.  The pager goes off and the person with it for that week knows that someone just prayed for them.  We’ve been doing it for about a month now and the results have been wonderful.  It is a great encouragement to know that people are praying for you.

Some have reported that when they were at their lowest during the week, the pager would go off and they saw God ministering to them through the prayers of His children.

After you call, you will hear a series of beeps confirming your entry –  then simply hang up.  Thanks for being a blessing!