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We are a group of believers.  We gather together to brainstorm, to discuss our belief for growth and the enjoyment of life as we endeavor to become believer.

We are passionate about seeing people transformed through great relationships. Before someone will give their life to one’s belief, they often need to know someone else cares enough about them to get to know them.

Out of caring relationships a person will experience the love.  It is as simple as sharing a meal together.


Caring enough to discover a person's likes and dreams.

Talking to them about life until the opportunity arrives to talk about spiritual life.  We pray for people until that person is ready to pray with us for their own relationship. We call that our EAT, TALK and PRAY mission to help people become fully devoted believer.


We believe you'll find that we're a different kind of group.

If you haven’t felt comfortable in religious activity, are tired of “religion” but desire a relationship, are feeling like there must be something more, or are new to the area and haven’t “plugged-in” yet, we’ve tried to develop a group that both fits your needs and maintains a strong sense of spiritual integrity.