Conversations: Nicole Zepter

Nicole Zepter, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of THE GERMANS, now Editor-In Chief of NEON Magazine. Interview by Evelyn Dragan.

In your opinion, what makes a good photograph?

Modernity. It’s hard to describe though. It could be the idea, the light, the object, the colours. A good photograph is like a good artwork, timeless, modern, always feels new when you look at it. Look at Lee Miller by Man Ray, that’s timeless modernity. Look at Wolfgang Tillmans work, the same modernity.

Tell us a little bit about your job. What big of a part does photography play in your job?

A big role. There are two ideas about THE GERMANS (I’m the publisher and editor-in-chief of the magazine): Progressive journalism and a strong visual quality. So images make 50% of the magazine. Every story begins with the idea, the perspective, both in text and visuals. I could never think of a story without images. Even a layout without an image becomes an (typographical) image itself.

What kind of photography do you wish to see more of?
What kind of photography do you wish to see less of?

More freestyle, more surprises. More ideas. It’s time for the classic content driven Photo reportage again. Less typical German photography, we’ve seen enough of it in the last 10 years.
It feels like they’re all copying themselves. That’s boooring.

What do you think has changed about photography since 1990?

The democratisation. As every other medium it became open to everyone.

What is your opinion on Tumblr and Instagram?

It’s good. I love strolling around in gallerys. Lately rather online than in real life.

From your perspective, what kind of advice would you give a young photographer?

Love your art. Protect it. Never listen to people who might know it better and give you pieces of advice.

Any photographers to keep an eye on?

Hanna Putz